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The undersigned hereby applies for membership in the Builders Association of Eastern Connecticut, Inc.; agrees that the answers herein are true and tenders the sum of(see below) for the first year's dues. Your first year's dues must be included with your application. Your anniversary date is set at the date of your acceptance and your renewal is automatically billed. The applicant agrees to abide by the By-Laws, Code of Ethics and deliberative acts of the assembled membership and the Board of Directors of the Association. This application will be held upon submission and processed when the first year's dues have been received by mail (check or money order).


Please list references below. (2 references required) Include business name, contact name, address and phone number. (Associates - list builders for whom you have worked) (Builders - list subcontractors and clients)

Please list bank/credit references below. (2 references required) Include name, contact, address and phone.

Your application is not complete until our office receives your signed oath and payment. Click here to download the oath. Please sign it and mail it with your payment to: BAEC, 20 Hartford Rd, Suite 18, Salem, CT 06420

The oath can be viewed by using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™. If you do not have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ installed on your computer, you can download it free by clicking here.