McHaney Safety Training Part 46 and Refresher Training

From: Kristi McHaney
Category: Category 1
Date: 7/18/01
Time: 2:11:08 PM
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The Challenge

To go from MSHA Part 46 regulations to a program that will actually satisfy MSHA and benefit the employees going through the training.Merely writing a plan without having the matching teaching materials is of little or no benefit to you and your people and will not put you in compliance with Part 46.

The Solution

We have developed a format that is simple to implement and use. The trainer or supervisor does not have to be an accomplished instructor or public speaker to effectively deliver this material.

Our format uses self-instruction methods that are efficient and easy to implement. This training format focuses the attention of the trainer or supervisor in the areas where they are most comfortable and knowledgeable. This also provides maximum benefit for the new miner.

Who are We?

We are providers of simple, value-packed training materials for Part 46 and all your training needs! We are also full-service health and safety consultants, ready to assist you with the variety of safety challenges that can come up -- from helping you to design and conduct a useful and effective audit to helping you to argue the merits of your case in court. We are also currently providers of services nationwide. Our training materials and other products and services have been widely reviewed and have been well received. We have references readily available. I am very interested in getting your opinion about how we can best help you at your facility. I will call you in a few days to get your thoughts and comments. Previews of our training materils are available upon request.

Thank you,

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