Town Office Building             Phone                           860-928-6595

Route 169, P.O. Box 123           Fax                              860-963-7557

Woodstock, CT 06281

Ernest A. Wetzel                    First Selectman                       928-0208

Mary Ellen Heckler             Town Clerk                            928-6595

Terry Bellman                 Building Inspector                     928-1388

Design Professionals          Town Planner                        928-6595

Edwin C. Higgins, III          P & Z Chairman                       928-1388

Founded: 1749

Population:  7,000

Land Area: 61.6 square miles

Form of Government: Town Meeting, Board of Finance and Selectmen

Distance to Hartford: 41miles

Public Transportation: Buses to local communities

Public Services: Trash collection privately contracted; State police and Volunteer fire department; 4 libraries

Schools: 1 elementary; 1 middle school; 1 academy

Pupil-Teacher Ratio: 15.5:1

Expenditures Per Pupil:  $7,771

Tax Rate: 25.7 mills, 70%

Hospitals:  Located 8 miles away in Putnam

Churches:  Baptist, Congregational, and Covenant Evangelical

Recreation:  Playgrounds, tennis, beach, golf, athletic leagues