1114 Plainfield Pike,              Phone                           860-564-2657

P.O. Box 157                            Fax                              860-564-1660

Oneco, CT 06373                  

Dale Clark                       First Selectman                         564-2904

Catherine Nurmi              Town Clerk                              564-2657

Robert Fisher                Building Inspector                       564-2275

Patricia Soriero           Planning Chairman                      564-2904

Incorporated: 1794

Population:  2,750

Land Area: 27.2 square miles

Form of Government: Town Meeting

Distance to Hartford: 51 miles

Public Transportation: Available in surrounding towns

Public Services: Water/sewer to 10%; Trash privately contracted; Police; Fire departments; Library

Schools: 1 elementary, 1 junior high;senior high students attend school in adjacent town

Pupil-Teacher Ratio: 14.6:1

Expenditures Per Pupil: $7,958

Tax Rate: 23 mills, 70%

Hospitals: Located 20 miles away in Putnam

Churches: Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Congreational, Church of Christ; others in neighboring towns

Recreation: Athletic and other programs