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Members benefit on three levels… the National Association of Home Builders (“NAHB”), the Home Builders Association of Connecticut (“HBACT”), and five Local Home Builders Associations covering all of Connecticut. This federation of affiliated associations provides a strong foundation of success for your business and advancing the interests of your industry.

Networking: Involvement in the activities, programs and committees of the Association and provides an opportunity to make important business contacts and to become known for your ideas and products. Our member’s benefit by sharing experiences, receiving and giving suggestions and helping each other with problems.

In addition to regular general membership meetings, we provide specific opportunities for members to get to know each other. Our Home Show, House of the Year, Annual Builders Tag Sale, and Membership Directory promote member to member business opportunities.

Legislative Action: The Builders & Remodelers Association of Eastern Connecticut, Inc. provides a STRONG VOICE representing the the building industry. Working to reduce regulations or to enact new local ordinances to help make housing more affordable. We also work with our affiliated state and national associations on legislation or policies affecting our industry. We work hand-in-hand with Connecticut BUILD PAC, a legally registered political action committee to raise money in support of political causes and candidates who support our industry.

Prestige of Membership: In our highly competitive profession, membership provides you with an edge. The Builders Association members are viewed by the general public as professionals who produce high quality products and who practice fair and honest trade. This image is both encouraged and validated by our Association through the utilization of our Code of Ethics and enforcement procedures when needed. We promote our members through our directories and other publications.

Recognition and prestige also come from putting our time, money and talents back into the community and the industry from which we make our living. This is accomplished through numerous projects and events sponsored by the Builders Association of Eastern Connecticut, Inc. on an annual basis.

Direct Financial Returns: Insurance programs and deep discounts on products and services are available to our members.

Public and Consumer Relations: House of the Year Programs, internet exposure through the local, state, and national websites, media relations and editorials; “How To” brochures for consumers; Dispute Resolution Programs, and Achievement and Recognition Awards at the local, state and national level build your public image. Consumer requests for referrals for reputable contractors through the BAEC, build your job leads.

Educational Programs: Monthly membership meetings and scheduled seminars are designed to keep members informed of industry trends and provide specific assistance in areas that members may need help. Membership opens doors to resources not otherwise available. We work to be as responsive as possible to the changing needs of our members, while also drawing from the tremendous resources of our state and national organizations.

Membership Directory: Annually we publish and distribute a Membership Directory and a Consumer Guide to individuals inquiring about quality building services and supplies. These marketing tools have grown in importance each year as we continue to promote to the consumer, the advantages of utilizing a reputable Builders Association member.

Building Resource Center: Our Association has a variety of publications and videos available for loan to members. The Builders & Remodelers Association of Eastern Connecticut, Inc. has building and remodeling forms and contracts available electronically and in print for use by our members.

Publications: Members are kept informed through publications from all three levels of the Association. Local, state and national news relevant to our industry can be found in our weekly email publication. Members also receive CONNECTICUT BUILDER MAGAZINE, the HBRA OF CONNECTICUT LETTER, the NATION’S BUILDING NEWS, and the award-winning NAHB BUILDER MAGAZINE.

Your BAEC exists to help members succeed in business and provides professional development opportunities needed to stay on top of the competition. Your comments and suggestions are invaluable.

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