Member Participation:

We welcome and encourage your involvement in the programs and services of the Builders Association. This is a member run organization that depends upon the involvement of its members to accomplish its goals for the good of the entire industry.

Call the chairman of a committee listed in this directory and volunteer your time and services. Let an officer, director or the staff know of your interest in a particular issue or subject. Give us your ideas, your input, your knowledge and your expertise.

Remember what Theodore Roosevelt said about involvement.

"Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has the moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere. "

We are in this organization to support and protect the building and remodeling industry in Eastern Connecticut.


Membership Committee:         

Gary Wolinski, Overhead Door Co., Co-Chair

                          889-3848, 889-7711 fax                                 

   Mike Scarpa, Wolman Consturction, Co-Chair 

447-0201, 443-2000 fax

Develops plans based on the policy of the Builders Association of  Eastern Connecticut and  takes action to assure the growth of the association, recruits and retains members in the association through a comprehensive membership program, and promotes the Spike Club and its activities.   Committee members provide necessary training of recruiters, etc. , acts as hosts or prime ambassadors, making sure that new members are recognized and introduced to existing members, work  with sponsors on follow-up with new members throughout their first year in the Association, seeking to get them involved.

The membership chairs coordinate efforts of membership subcommittees, investigate  prospects for membership, make recommendations to the Board on member prospects, coordinate  developments of prospect list, coordinate with by-laws committee, coordinate  long range retention programs with the Board and set  goals for the year.

The Spike Club operates on the National level to recognize members for outstanding achievement in member recruitment and retention. The purpose beyond recognition, is to promote membership and to motivate other members to attain Spike Status.

A member becomes a Spike by recruiting six new members within two consecutive membership years. The status of Lifespike is attained by earning at least two additional credits each year until a total of 25 credits have been earned. The program also awards credits for retention. One credit is given to the sponsor of a first-year member who renews. A half credit is given for each additional year they renew. Special recognition is earned at the 6 credit, Lifespike and at several other benchmarks.


Budget and Finance: 

Doug Johnson, Chelsea Groton Bank, Chair

  448-4112, 448-4169 fax

Develops and presents budget to Board of Directors for approval, advises Board of Directors on financial matters, and makes recommendations to Board of Directors on other financial matters



Matt Ostrowski, Creative Enclosures, Chair

  886-7631,  886-6219 fax

Conducts education programs of interest to members; informs members of educational programs and services available, works to develop special seminars to provide members with increased business skills, coordinates course development with Home Builders Institute.

Committee members provide  feedback on topics,  speakers, and times for educational seminars, provide  input for library acquisitions, assist in promoting educational offerings, and analyze and evaluate  offerings and provide  input for improvement.

        Ethics and Consumer Relations:            

John DeCiantis, DeCiantis Construction, Chair

535-3663, 535-4847 fax

The Ethics Committee is composed of three members, one of which must be a builder member, and shall meet upon the call of the chairman.  Two members shall constitute a quorum.  The committee is charged with developing and implementing membership standards and a policy for handling consumer complaints which shall be approved by the Board of Directors, considering and resolving consumer grievances or complaints against any member concerning warranty questions or problems due to faulty workmanship and/or materials; and  promoting  the use of the Ethics policy as a means to resolve disputes.


Research and recommend sources of non-dues revenues, and oversee and coordinate fundraising efforts.

Tag Sale Chair - Gary Wolinski, Overhead Door

                        889-3848, 889-7711 fax                                                           

Golf Tournament Chair - Rob Parrette, United Builders Supply Co.

                        1-800-400-3033, 401-539-0507 fax

                 House of the Year                         

Norman Desrosier, Quality Concrete Construction, Chair

                               822-8977, fax and phone 


Government Affairs:         

Everett Hyde, Shelter LLC, Chair

                               455-0471 fax and phone  


This Committee presents the positive aspects of the home building and home ownership to the elected officials and staff of our municipalities and state, monitors local legislative and regulatory activities which relate to the membership, defends consumers, suppliers, and builders from adverse legislation denying them access to the free enterprise system, coordinates the development of Association responses to local legislative and regulatory action.  The Chairman develops and maintains legislative contacts with elected officials; develops programs to mobilize members to respond to legislative alerts and coordinates local BUILD PAC efforts.

                     Green Building                       

Aleta Deroy, A. Deroy & Son, Inc.


This committee develops a voluntary subscription of standards and building methods to insure that homes built are enivornmentally friendly and energy efficient.

                        Home Show                        

Mark Williams, C&S Distributors

   448-1326, phone and fax 

This is a new committee formulated to investigate the possibility of a BAEC professional home show production.


                 Parade of Homes                   

Randy Stolz, Stolz Home Builders, Co-Chair

                                  889-2778 fax and phone


                                           Nancy Thill

                                   739-6277, 739-6536 fax

This committee is in the process of evaluating whether the association can produce a showcase  of homes to serve our members and the industry and enhance the visibility of industry experts in their community.


Program Committee:      

            Nort Wheeler, United Builders Supply Co., Chair

                             800-422-5341, 447-8957 fax

Assists with researching topics and acquiring speakers for general membership meetings.


Public Relations:     Chair Sought!

Develops consumer oriented informational programs and brochures Helps publicize all association activities Promotes association services to members Develops special media promotion of members and association Encourages use of logo by members in all media promotion.

Chairman coordinates subcommittees for specific public relation activities including brochures, speakers bureau and special awards to members.

Scholarship and Charity: 

John McMechen, Country Carpets & Tile

                                  376-4954 fax and phone

Develops policy and guidelines for the purpose of donations to charitable projects.


                 School to Career:                   

Everett Hyde, Shelter LLC, Chair

                                  455-0471 fax and phone  


Interacts with the local school systems to enhance training opportunities for students entering the construction fields.



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